Company Information

Established in Laguna Beach California in 1976, Victoria Skimboards has worked to propell skimboard design into a highly athletic and technically advanced realm. The Victoria Skimboards legacy of producing the most stylish and functional skimboards ever continues with constant innovation and the creative design of one of the best skimboarding teams ever.

The vision of Victoria Skimboards began as a venture of skimboarding legend Charles “Tex” Haines, current sole owner, and Peter Prietto. With the fusion of Tex’s love for skimboarding and his desire to succeed, Tex has tapped into a niche market while doing something he loves; providing skimboarders with top quality skimboards designed specifically for their needs.

After graduating Stanford University with a degree in Biology, Tex saw the opportunity for the sport of skimboarding to become a market force. Having skimmed for 15 years he felt the timing was right. In 1976, Victoria Skimboards was created.

Today, Victoria Skimboards sponsors a team of the world’s most talented skimboarders and plays host to the Annual World Championship of Skimboarding held in Laguna Beach California. Victoria Skimboards prides itself on its product quality, attention to detail, passion, innovation, and most of all CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.